Unforgettable 30th Birthday Party Ideas

5 great ideas to make sure your 30th birthday is a party to remember.

So, the big 3-OH! Whether you’re in denial about leaving your 20’s behind or excited about entering a new phase of your life, we’ve got a few ideas for your celebration so you can stress less about your party and focus on remembering the words to your favourite Backstreet Boy’s tracks.

Cocktail Making Class

Cocktail-Making - Birthday Party IdeasGather your closest friends for a night learning how to create the perfect cosmopolitan, old fashioned or espresso martini. Teaching you all the secrets of Mixology, a cocktail centred party is the perfect hands-on experience that will put your days of mixing vodka with apple juice and calling it a cocktail to shame.

Degustation Dinner

You only turn 30 once, so why not indulge in a fancy 9 course dinner? Take the time to sit down and appreciate the culinary art of fine cuisine. Seasonal menu’s prepared by the most creative chef’s will have you and your friends wishing you’ve done this earlier.

“30 Sucks”

Growing up sucks, if you’ve been dreading turning 30 why not celebrate it honestly with a ‘30 Sucks’ themed party. Complete with all the things you’ve loved in your life, time to bring out the N’SYNC playlist, matching velvet sweatpants, dust off that old game of Twister and party until you forget your new-found age.

Old Hollywood Movie Night

A movie themed party can be fun for every age group, whether children are invited or it’s an adult only event, this idea only hinges on good weather. With a white sheet, projector, a few picnic blankets and a candy filled concession stand this party is sure to have good vibes and great memories.

Paint Class, with Wine

Waterside Events celebration package buttonGrab a drink, pick up a paint brush and take a seat. Creating artwork is a whole lot more fun with your friends and your favourite bottle of wine. Open to beginners or those with painting experience, the class will teach you basic techniques for acrylic painting and will have you leaving with a fun, original masterpiece to hang on your wall.

Book your birthday venue!

You’ve got the games, you’ve got the theme, and all you need now to host the perfect party is the ideal venue. With multiple function rooms equips with private bars, balconies and terraces, Waterside Events has everything covered to celebrate your 30’s with ease!

For more information on our function rooms or help planning your next event, contact us today!

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