Things to Consider When Getting Married on the Gold Coast

Marrying the love of your life is a momentous decision, but now you have to plan the wedding!

This can be a stressful time with everything to consider such as date, guests and the dress but in this article are some pointers to take the pressure off the planning of your special day.

Here are some frequently asked questions when planning your perfect day:

What are the best locations on the Gold Coast?

For a Gold Coast wedding, a waterside location is a must. Why not harness the gorgeous waters of the ocean or creekside as the backdrop to your gorgeous ceremony? In Currumbin, there are multiple options for a flawless location such as Currumbin Beach right near Currumbin Rock with a long expanse of beautiful sand or the beach area next to Currumbin Vikings and Elephant Rock, Currumbin.

What are the best venues?

When searching for the perfect venue, no need to look any further then our own multi award winning Waterside Events. Catering to any style of wedding such as classic, vintage or beach and of the art AV with intimate locations with private balconies and bars and all with uninterrupted waterfront views. Even offering off site catering options, Waterside Events is a guaranteed venue for which everyone will enjoy.

When is the best time of the year for weather?

The most popular months in Australia are those that fall in the seasons of autumn and spring such as March, September, October and November which brings the mildest temperatures and minimal rainfall.

Best retailers for suits and dresses?

A wedding dress or tailored suit that you wish cherish forever can be found at one of the leading retailers on the coast such as:

LUV Bridal and Formal, Habour Town

Ferrari Formal Wear & Bridal, Bundall

Best food options?

When planning your best food options, it is important there are options to meet everyone’s dietary needs and inform guests ahead of time. Appetizers at the start of reception are a great way to feed guests while they mingle, especially if they may be waiting for your arrival while you take wedding photos after the ceremony. To keep it simple and to please all guests, a buffet dinner is the perfect solution. With option to have as much or as little as they please, everyone will leave feeling happy and content.

How many people to invite – average size of wedding?

When in the starting stages of your wedding planning, it is important to determine how big you want the wedding to be and what can fit into the budget. From this you can find the perfect location that can suit this desired number. Obviously, the longer the guest list, the more expensive the wedding will become. Some rules that could minimize numbers can include no children or no plus ones if you do not know the person. Approximate numbers for the theme of the wedding include:

Intimate – 20 to 30 guests

Small – 31 to 70 guests

Medium – 71 to 150 guests

Big – 151 to 400 guests

Some statistics for the average wedding in Australia:
  • Wedding budget – between $36, 200 to $65,482
  • Cost of the wedding dress – $5, 180
  • Cost of the groom’s suit – $1, 834
  • Cost of wedding gifts – between $50 to $75 for a colleague or distant friend or relative, if you know the couple a little better, the range increases to $75 to $100 and if you close family and friends then consider between $100 to $150
  • Cost of flowers and decorations – $2, 896

While the price of weddings continues to increase every year, we have put together a few tips and tricks on how you can save money and not break the bank:

  • Talk about money early with your partner and both your parents (if they are involved)
  • Prioritise your dreams and start saving early
  •  Create a wedding budget based on what you can afford and stick to it
  • Shop around – get loads of quotes
  • Save on setting up and decorating cost by doing them yourself or enlisting a friend
  • Skip the full bar that features every kind of spirit, wine and beer imaginable. Instead, pick one red, one white, a couple of beers, and maybe a signature cocktail or toasting champagne.
  • Keep it small – ultimately the day is about two people, the bride and groom committing to each other, so invite people who matter
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