“I Do” Take Two: Intimate vs Extravagant Celebration

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Every woman has a wedding dream, whether it’s to have an extravagant princess themed wedding or an intimate affair between you and your lifetime partner, we all have a particular idea of what we want our wedding to be like. Whether it’s your first time or your second-time wedding, your dream can become reality.

For those looking to have a second-time wedding, we understand it can be just as difficult if not more difficult to organize than the first. You may be struggling for inspiration or just not have any idea what’s expected from a second-time wedding, but this is exactly why our events team at Waterside Currumbin are here. When trying to organize a venue, reception, menu and guests the second-time around, the events team at Waterside Currumbin have some great tips to help. So, take a deep breath and enjoy planning what is sure to be a most memorable event.

Figure out your budget

Are you wanting to go extravagant or intimate? If you’re wanting an intimate venue with minimalistic touches, then search for venues that will suit your needs and figure out what personal touches you’re wanting to add. The more you know the easier it is to figure out how much it’s going to cost.

TIP: Use Microsoft Excel to keep a track of costs and your total budget.

Narrow down a theme

It can be the same as your first-time or something completely different.

Second-time weddings are known for being non-traditional, but in reality, second-time weddings are a chance for you to do whatever you want without having to worry about being judged. If you are after a formal and intimate affair, do it! If you want a Game of Thrones themed wedding, this is your chance. The events team at Waterside Currumbin offer full wedding reception packages which include theme suggestions and so much more.

Decide on a venue

Once you’ve started planning your special day, make sure you factor in your theme into what venue you select. The venue is the determining factor as to how many guests you can invite, what the total cost will be and the overall atmosphere of your special day.

A good tip is to pick a beautiful venue with a great view, as this will definitely impress your guests and help turn your second wedding into a special and memorable celebration.

Worried about kids?

Don’t. Whether you’re wanting a child-free or child-friendly event, our team at Waterside Events has you covered. Our events team is here to help you every step of the way and will assist you in making sure you and your guests are looked after.

If you need any help or information about our beautiful venue in Currumbin, Contact Us today! Book a site inspection and learn why Waterside Events is an award-winning venue and event planning team.

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