Quick Guide To Finding Your Bridesmaid Dresses

Waterside events are here to assist you in finding your perfect bridesmaid dresses

You’ve picked your date, are set on a beautiful waterside venue, have sorted out your wedding dress but you’ve still got to find bridesmaid dresses? Worry not, our experienced and award-winning events team is here to help.

Whether you’re looking at having a wedding in Summer, Autumn, Winter, or Spring, choosing a bridesmaid dress can really affect the overall look of your wedding. The last thing you want as a bride, is your bridesmaids to outshine, clash, or be unhappy on your wedding day.

Read on for our best tips on choosing the perfect bridesmaids dress for your wedding.

Have a time frame

A rule of thumb for having bridesmaid’s dresses sorted out is usually 6 months; this is dependent on whether you are buying off-the-rack, renting or ordering. It will take two to three months for an ordered dress to arrive, and then possibly another four to six weeks if alterations are required. It’s sometimes quite risky to purchase off-the-rack dresses as they may sell out quicker. Most times, when renting a gown, it can be a minimum of two weeks before you receive it. Make sure you plan accordingly and have a contingency plan in the event that there are complications.

Just keep searching

It’s important that you have your own wedding gown organized before searching for your bridesmaid dresses. Your wedding gown and the bridesmaid dresses should coordinate in some respects but you definitely don’t go for an exact match. For example, if you have opted for a strapless dress, don’t put the bridesmaids in long sleeves. If you’ve gone for a traditional wedding gown, it’s probably not in your best interests to go for a modern bridesmaid dress. Once you’ve got an idea of the what look your bridesmaid dresses should be then you can focus on a specific style or color.

Styles, Colours and Sizing (Oh my!)

Think about the individual body types and typical styles of clothing your selected bridesmaids usually wear. If you’re wanting everyone to look the same or at least cohesive, choose a style that will look great on almost everyone, or one that can be altered easily. Another idea, would be to look at the mismatched bridesmaid trend which allows each bridesmaid to choose a different style in the same color scheme or fabric to tie the looks together. This option does allow your bridesmaids to have a bit more freedom to express their individual styles, all the while ensuring that they feel beautiful and confident in what they’re wearing.

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