Organizing a Product Launch Party

Waterside Events Currumbin are here to help you plan a product launch party to kick off your new campaign in great style.

Whether you’re introducing a new product, collection, or an innovative app, a launch party is a great way to build hype and create conversation about your brand. However, launch parties are strategic events that require precision and preparation.

Why have one?

If you’re wanting to generate a buzz and gain more exposure for an upcoming product, a launch party can be an effective way to do so. A launch event is an excellent way to showcase your latest product, build hype around it, and even lock in some sales that night. The more you can get people talking about the product, both at the event, via social media and through good old word of mouth, the better it’s going to do.

Launch parties were designed to give products a head start in the projected industry, and usually, if your launch party is successful, that’s a pretty good indicator that your product will do well.

Who do you invite?

Don’t just invite the high-powered and famous; instead, aim to invite your target market. For example, if your product is aimed for business owners, invite business owners to the launch party.

Be sure to keep your goal in mind, if you’re looking to attract sales prospects, get your sales team on board and invite their contacts. While it’s always nice to invite existing customers, make sure you’re not spending your budget where there won’t be enough return on investment.

People that are invited to your launch party should add value to it and typically be on-brand for your product. So invite relevant journalists, bloggers, and social influencers so they can cover the event.

When should you host it?

Product launches are typically held on the day the product is released but it should be timed for a specific time of year. Perhaps your product is intended to be a Christmas gift, if that’s the case, make the launch party a holiday event. You may also explore industry-specific holidays or times of the year in which your industry sees a peak in activity.

An option we like to recommend here at Waterside Events Currumbin, is to organize an event in January or February. Most events are held in December or during other holiday seasons, so in order to stand out from the crowd and start the year with a bang, why not hold your product launch party early in the year.

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