Off-Season Corporate Events

Waterside Events help you organize a January/February corporate event

It’s getting closer to December, you’ve got a full schedule with family parties, corporate functions, and friends events. You have to organize a Christmas party at the busiest time of the year so you’re stressed out and tired. Why not lessen the stress and organize an off-season corporate event? The hustle and bustle of November/December is quickly forgotten in the early months of the year as schedules clear and the New Year begins.

Why should you organize events in January

January is the first month of the New Year, it’s usually the quietest month in the social calendar. It’s almost an event withdrawal month, so why not give your workplace an event to kick start the year? Instead of creating a Christmas party, you can hold a New Year’s event that allows your workplace to gain motivation for the year ahead and appreciate the year that has just passed.

What about February?

As the second month of the year, February is still a quiet month in the social calendar. Maybe for your workplace, February will be the best month for your off-season corporate event. It is less likely that venues will be booked out, plus, you won’t have to pay extortionate amounts of money on holiday surcharges. February may be the best month for you and your workplace to hold a corporate event due to availability, cost, weather conditions, etc.

What benefits does an off-season corporate event have?

When planning a corporate event, it’s important to remember that the people in your workplace will most likely be fully booked out the months leading up to December and December itself. An off-season corporate event is the answer to those problems. January/February events provide you with the opportunity to strategically set objectives and goals for the year ahead rather than focusing on last year’s achievements. Venues are often less busy between January-February which makes it much easier to plan events and you will miss out on the holiday surcharges that get placed during December.

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