Great Ways To Celebrate Your Milestone 20th Wedding Anniversary

Waterside Events at Currumbin RSL – the perfect place for a 20th Anniversary celebration

China dinner setIf you are planning your 20th wedding anniversary celebration, the first thing we’d like to say to you is congratulations! Being married for 20 years is truly a milestone, and, from our experience at Waterside Events, so worth celebrating! Whether you choose to have a small gathering at home, renew your vows in an intimate ceremony, or throw the dream party you couldn’t afford twenty years ago, the only thing we can guarantee you is that this will be a very emotional event.

Planning your 20th wedding anniversary should be a joyous occasion and our team can offer a variety of spaces to hold your event, whichever direction you decide to go. To help you get ready for this amazing achievement, we found out the gifts and symbols of a 20th anniversary, and we have some great tips on how to incorporate them into your event.

20th Anniversary Gifts

Emerald ringThe gift for a 20th wedding anniversary is traditionally china, but lately people have been adopting the modern ‘equivalent’ of platinum. The beautiful emerald is the gemstone that symbolises this milestone, and the flower typically used to celebrate this achievement is the Day Lily. These items and materials usually guide you, your partner and guests when purchasing a gift, and it is safe to assume you will get flowers, china, or even a piece of jewellery.

Incorporating The Symbols in Your Celebration

But while these are all great ideas for presents, at Waterside Events, we love to see these items are incorporated in the décor and different aspects of the events hosted here.

Day Lilies So, if you are planning a 20th anniversary celebration, why not use day lilies for the decoration? You can incorporate emerald green in your invitation, for example, and you can also make sure china plays a part at your event. We particularly love it as party favours and, of course, in traditional table settings.

If you are looking for the perfect venue for your 20th anniversary celebration, Waterside Events is the place for you. From intimate waterside receptions, to extravagant parties for up to 400 people, we can always arrange something that is exactly what you dreamed of. And if you need a hand with your event preparations, we are proud of our award-winning event planning team.

If you’d like to book a site inspection for your celebration soon, Contact Us today.

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