Gold Coast Office Christmas Party Ideas

Currumbin RSL’s Waterside Events is the perfect place to host your office Christmas party this year!

Getting people to actually come to the office holiday party is usually the hardest part of planning end-of-year events. If your office is located on the Gold Coast, or if your budget allows for you to organise transport for your team from Brisbane to the beach, the best thing you can do to ensure your efforts don’t go to waste is to pick an amazing waterside location.

Getting people out of the office is the number one thing you have to do to excite people about the event. After all, no one gets excited to sit around in a board room for a couple of hours, knowing they have to go back to their desk and finish up end of month reports.

Go casual

If you have a small to medium sized team, we suggest you avoid the traditional sit-down dinner office party. Give your co-workers a chance to mingle and get to know each other.

Apart from setting a casual and friendly mood, this is also a great idea if your budget doesn’t allow for decadent multiple-course meals.

Have fun

Organise fun activities and games, and instead of forcing people to participate, let them choose when they are ready to take part. It’s a good idea to encourage participation by having prizes or some kind of incentive in place.

If you book a venue near the water, it’s a great idea to have some outdoor activities planned. This could be as simple as have a few footballs, but you can get creative and set up some barefoot bowls, for example.

Make it an event

If your team had a great year and your social budget allows, celebrate everyone’s achievements accordingly, and make it a full-on event. If you need some ideas for themes, read our blog on the ultimate function themes.

If you are looking for a special venue on the Gold Coast for your office Christmas party, Waterside Events is located in Currumbin, which is sure to delight your guests and make for beautiful pictures. Contact us today to book a site inspection.

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