The Do’s and Don’ts of Office Christmas Parties

Waterside Events is the perfect Gold Coast venue for you to host this year’s office Christmas party.

Time is flying by, we are already in the second half of the 2017, and soon enough the silly season will be here. While management and HR start planning the office Christmas party, it is a good idea for everyone else in the office to think back to last year’s shenanigans, maybe cringe, and remember the do’s and don’ts of office functions.

Do make an appearance

While office Christmas party attendance is usually optional, it is important that you do attend. A lot of thought and effort goes into planning these events, and attending only reinforces the fact that you are a team player. On this same note, even if you don’t really get along with your co-workers, make an effort and don’t be the first to leave. Maybe have a drink, relax, and try to enjoy.

Don’t drink too much

This is the number one rule of work events – we all know it, but still, somehow, at every office party, there’s someone who’s had way too much to drink. While there’s nothing wrong in enjoying some alcoholic beverages on the company’s tab, you really should only have enough to relax and get social, but not enough to start telling your co-workers exactly what you think of them, flirt with the boss, or fall down the stairs on your way out.

Do be professional

Though some see office parties as social events, it is still a professional setting, so do be professional. Don’t just stick to your closer work mates, try and network. Talk to people you don’t usually get a chance to – especially those in higher positions, see this relaxed setting as a chance to impress your bosses with your charisma and fantastic personality.

Don’t get involved in gossip

It’s easy to get caught up in gossip and rumours while having a good night with colleagues, but it never ends well, so refrain from confessing your sins and whining about management and co-workers.

Do have fun

More often than not you will find out you have something in common with most people you work with. So while a friendship with Mary from accounting is probably never going to happen, that doesn’t mean you should rule everyone out. So take this time to get to know your team better, and really enjoy yourself, after all, you’ll have to do it all over again next year.

If you are in charge of planning this year’s office Christmas party, and are after a venue and events team to help you, Waterside Events is the place for you. With beautiful water-facing rooms and outdoor areas, we can help you organise a beautiful corporate event in December, that will impress even the pickiest of your colleagues. Contact us today and book a site inspection.

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