Creative Presentation Styles That Don’t Use Powerpoint

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Corporate breakfast room watersideAt every conference, seminar and workshop around the world, it’s expected that there will be a Powerpoint presentation at some point. It’s often at this point in a corporate conference that attention starts to drift, minds start to wander and interest wanes. If your content is not presented in an engaging and captivating way, you will, in most cases, lose the attention of your attendees. The issue with this is, it is usually important that your guests listen to and take away the information. So, we’ve put together a list of some of the best presentation tools we’ve seen to help make your next presentation a hit and that your hard work in preparing isn’t wasted.


There are a lot of different apps that you can incorporate into your presentation instead of using Powerpoint. These are very effective when you get your attendees to participate using the app on their own phone or device. It also encourages people who are too shy to speak up and participate .


Incorporating props into your presentation is another good way to keep your presentation interesting. An effective presentation should be made up of a good mix of audio and visual stimuli which will keep your attendees engaged and keep the presentation interesting.

Q & A’s

Question-and-answer sessions are a great way to engage with your attendees. Holding a Q&A will break up the information cycle, it will give your attendees a chance to interact with each other and the presenter, ask any question they have and become more involved in the presentation.


A great way to break up a rather dense presentation is to include a funny video into your presentation. Where possible keep the video on point with your message, but humour is great for lightening the mood and who doesn’t like a good laugh? PowToon is a great tool for doing this. It’s a software tool that allows you to create short animated videos which are perfect for adding some fun and humour to a presentation.


Infographics are a good way of presenting a lot of information or statistics in a quick, easy to understand manner which won’t bog down your presentation.


Prezi is a great presentation tool that will enable you to present your information in a totally unique way to Powerpoint. Instead of using linear slides, Prezi displays your whole presentation on a canvas and then you can zoom in and out on the sections you want to focus on. It’s a much more interesting way of presenting information then the traditional Powerpoint slides, and we at Currumbin RSL love it.


Projeqt is another interesting new presentation tool that allows you present information in a unique way. Projeqt gives you the ability to weave together stories and information using media from Flickr, Twitter, Youtube, Vimeo, your own computer and many other sources. These presentations allow the creator to be very creative and create something that is totally unique and full of personality. These presentations are always a hit with attendees and are guaranteed to keep attendees engaged and interested.

These tools are a great alternative to traditional Powerpoint presentations. They will keep your attendees interested and focused on you and your presentation, and encourage people to attend future conferences.

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