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Our Top Tips to keep attendees engaged at corporate functions

When it comes to planning a corporate function, ensuring your structure will keep your attendees focused and engaged throughout the function can be tough. We’ve all had an experience with a corporate function or conference that was subpar and you didn’t feel like you gained anything out of the experience. There’s nothing worse than a function like this, it feels like a waste of time and money for all involved and you can guarantee people will think twice when they receive your next invite. As experienced hosts in the corporate function space, we’ve compiled our top tips for how to keep guests at your corporate function engaged and excited for your next event.

Don’t ban mobile phones, incorporate them into your conference

Mobile phones are the biggest distraction out there, so we can see why conferences would want to ban them. But think about it, no one leaves home without their phone, they’ve become an extension of the body, so if you ban the use of mobile phones in your conferences people are going to resent it and won’t come back. Instead of banning them, get your attendees to use them! If you incorporate live polling and questions into your presentation not only will it keep your attendees engaged, it will include those who are too shy to raise their hand and include themselves. There are lots of different apps and websites that can do this, ranging from some quite expensive options to free websites like DirectPoll.

Be original (make your event different from the usual)

Many corporate conferences are based on the same boring principles, key note speakers, paper handouts, power point presentations, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea and sandwiches for lunch. This tired format is enough to put anyone to sleep. Conferences that include something original are the conferences that keep attendees engaged and encourage them to come back. The originality could be a new way to present information, a unique food concept like a self-serve Indian buffet or an interesting networking method. Breaking up the conference for a unique break is also another way to inject originality into your conference. Why not send your attendees out on a brief scavenger hunt? A chance to have a break and get outside will be great for your attendees and they’ll be talking about it for a long time.

Promote networking

The ability to network is a huge draw card for many attendees. You know what they say, it’s not what you know it’s who you know. Make sure you give your attendees plenty of time to network. Some great opportunities include coffee and networking after registration or a cocktail hour for networking. A great way to build on this would be to create a hashtag for the event and encourage attendees to post photos of their networking experience on social media using your hashtag.

Select an interesting setting

An interesting location is another great way to keep attendees engaged. A location that has lovely views or is segmented so attendees aren’t stuck in the same space for the duration of the conference is a great way to keep attendees engaged and interested. We’re thinking water front views, beautiful verandas and expansive grounds.

Interesting and engaging key note speakers

Whatever the topic they’re speaking on, key note speakers need to be interesting and engaging. This could involve them walking throughout the room while they speak or using the live polls we mentioned earlier. Encourage your speakers to make their presentations as visual as possible as this will help keep your attendees engaged and focused.

Give regular breaks

Waterside Events Corporate FunctionsMake sure you give your attendees plenty of breaks. They don’t have to be long, a five minute bathroom break or the chance to grab a coffee will be enough to refresh your attendees. A unique break as mentioned above is also a great idea.

There are plenty of ways to keep your attendees engaged at your next corporate function. For more tips why not speak to our expert function team today.
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