When Is the Best Time to Hold a Corporate Function?

Waterside Events can help you determine when the best time is to hold your next corporate function

Trying to decide what is the best time to hold your next corporate function can be difficult. At Waterside Events in Currumbin, our expert team of corporate executives can cater for functions at any time and help you decide what time of day is best suited for your corporate function. We’ve compiled some information about the best time of day for certain functions.

Short Functions

For a short function that is only going to last a couple of hours such as a team meeting, a breakfast function is a great idea. A breakfast meeting won’t take up a whole day of your attendees’ time which allows them to go to work after the meeting which means more productivity for your business. It also means you will get your attendees at the start of their day, before they have the chance to get distracted by anything else or bogged down by work. Breakfast meetings catch people when they are at their freshest and who is going to say no to going to a meeting where they are going to get a good breakfast and nice coffee. In fact, it is widely agreed that breakfast meetings are more productive then meetings held later in the day, as team meetings often are. We are big fans of breakfast meetings as we agree that the morning is the best time to have a meeting.

Long Running Functions

Functions such as a conference or a training seminar that will run for most, if not all of the day, should be a day function with lunch provided for your attendees. Depending on how long your conference lasts and how much information your attendees are going to be getting, you may need to have additional breaks to keep your attendees fresh and engaged. When planning the menu for your next conference, you should plan on serving healthy, nutritious meals that will power your attendees brains for the rest of the day. Plenty of water and coffee is also essential. At Waterside Events, we have a range of different lunch options and break packages which are absolutely delicious and guaranteed to keep your attendees satisfied and on the ball.

Informal Functions

Waterside Events corporate package buttonFor a shorter more informal function such as an information session, an evening function is perfect. It allows your attendees to still go to work or spend their day as they normally would. You can keep the information session informal and make it much more enjoyable by adding a drinks package to the event and offering canapes and hors d’oeuvres, which would be really appreciated by your guests who’ve had a long day at work. Here at Waterside Events, we have a number of different drinks and cocktail packages that are sure to keep your guests happy.

Corporate functions are a great opportunity to provide skills training or education for your staff whilst giving them the chance to mingle amongst themselves and form connections that will benefit your business in the future. Here at Waterside Events, our expert team can help you plan your next corporate function to suit all of your needs and ensure it is your best event yet!

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