How to Advance Your Corporate Network Through Functions

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Networking is a necessity; there is a mountain of research showing that professional networks lead to more opportunities, broader and deeper knowledge, faster advancement, improved capacity to innovate, and a greater audience base. Building and fostering professional relationships through networks also improves the quality of work and increases job satisfaction. So here’s a how to, in advancing your corporate network through functions.

First impressions

Hosting a corporate function is important for many reasons, you may have a new product that you want to produce more interest for or you may be a start-up company looking for investors; whatever the purpose, first impressions matter. A theme for your event will assist you in connecting with your audience, so you may want to consider a colour theme rather than a theme like ‘classical’ or ‘bohemian’. Another first impression will be decorations; it is a corporate event so be professional with decorations but don’t go overboard. You don’t want streamers and balloons everywhere as it can start to look like a childrens party.

Finding the right venue

The venue for a corporate function depends on what specific function is taking place. For example, if you’re launching a new product, the venue should be private yet fun and exciting. It’s important to choose the right venue as it sets the tone for the whole event, you wouldn’t book a childrens playhouse to host a launch party. You must think about the guests; will they be interested in developing professional relationships if the venue organized is too loud or too dark or too large?

Actually networking

Networking for extroverts is a breezy task but for many other people it can be a daunting task. The guests that you invite to your corporate function are there for a reason, they want to interact with you and gather more information about what product you’re releasing or what your company is all about. Again, it depends on the purpose of the function. If it is a launch party, networking is crucial to get yourself out there to potential buyers. If it’s a work event like a party or conference it’s also just as important to network, there may be someone that you work with that you haven’t spoken to before or you may just want to gain more connections with people in your industry. No matter the reason, networking and creating professional relationships can benefit you in the future.

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