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Eloping on the Gold Coast: top tips and locations

Waterside Events at Currumbin RSL is the perfect place for eloping in Australia. Wedding planning can be a huge source of stress if you’re not the traditional type who’s been dreaming of your wedding day since you can remember. If you have been losing sleep over all the details and cost of having a wedding, you should probably think about eloping on the Gold Coast. And while elopement might se.....[Read more]

Amazing 40th Birthday Party Ideas

Waterside Events at Currumbin RSL is the perfect venue to host your 40th birthday party. Celebrating your 40th birthday can be a little bittersweet, but it is such a great milestone that it deserves to be celebrated! If you are just starting to think about planning your 40th birthday party, you are in luck! Our team at Waterside Events was thinking about the best milestone birthday parties we’v.....[Read more]

Great Ways to Celebrate your Milestone Wedding Anniversary: 20 Years

Waterside Events at Currumbin RSL – the perfect place for a 20th Anniversary celebration If you are planning your 20th wedding anniversary celebration, the first thing we’d like to say to you is congratulations! Being married for 20 years is truly a milestone, and, from our experience at Waterside Events, so worth celebrating! Whether you choose to have a small gathering at home, renew your v.....[Read more]

“I do, Take Two” Wedding Vow Renewal Ideas

Renewing Wedding Vows: How to Re-Tie the Knot Whether you’re wanting a good reason to commemorate and re-live your dream wedding, or simply looking to reaffirm and celebrate the love and commitment within your marriage, renewing your vows is a fun way to honour the occasion. 

Celebrating your “I do’s” for a second time is a romantic and sentimental event that can be as intimate a.....[Read more]

What your guests think of your weekday wedding

Weekday weddings make for some of the most intimate and beautiful celebrations, but it can be tricky to get all your guests to attend. So, if you decide to go the untraditional way, you need to know and accept from the start that not everyone you invite is going to be able to make it. To maximise attendance, the first thing you need to do is set the date well in advance, so your guests – especi.....[Read more]

Unforgettable 30th Birthday Party Ideas

5 great ideas to make sure your 30th birthday is a party to remember. So, the big 3-OH! Whether you’re in denial about leaving your 20’s behind or excited about entering a new phase of your life, we’ve got a few ideas for your celebration so you can stress less about your party and focus on remembering the words to your favourite Backstreet Boy’s tracks. Cocktail Making Class Gather your .....[Read more]

What’s the difference between a wedding coordinator and a wedding planner?

Waterside Events offers complimentary wedding coordinators. A soon-to-be bride will spend on average 250 hours planning their wedding, that’s a lot of googling, Pinterest folders, phone calls, food and wine tasting, wedding venue inspections, spread sheet building and credit card swiping. To the inexperienced bride, while you may have sanity, energy and excitement now, in order to make it to yo.....[Read more]

Weekday Weddings: Hipster or Smart?

Though they definitely are increasing in popularity, weekday weddings are still not very common, usually because people try not to stray too far from tradition when celebrating such an important time of their lives. However, there are many advantages to having your event during the week, and our team at Waterside Events have gathered some tips for you to make the most of a weekday wedding. Budget.....[Read more]

Extravagant weddings

Are weddings becoming too expensive for guests to attend? In today’s digital world there is a lot of pressure to have the best, most enjoyable wedding, regardless of how much this costs. The average cost of a wedding in Australia has ballooned out to $26 000 – the cost of a deposit for a house.  As the costs of having a wedding soar, so does the cost of attending a wedding. The Need to M.....[Read more]

Tips to keep attendees engaged at corporate functions

Currumbin RSL can help you plan a corporate function that is interesting and engaging. When it comes to planning a corporate function trying to plan how to keep your attendees focused and engaged can be tough. We’ve all been to a corporate conference that was boring and you didn’t feel like you got anything out of the experience. Conferences such as these are a waste of time and money, and yo.....[Read more]